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Nutrition chart

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You may well have seen my Nutrition chart on a kitchen wall somewhere in the world as there are nearly 200,000 of them out there somewhere - literally all over the globe! Drawn as a quick reference guide for bringing up my son on an animal free diet, the original chart has been going strong since 1992, during which time it has been regularly redrawn and updated as the latest nutritional research has come to light.

The book "So, what do you eat?" followed from the chart as I was increasingly asked how to put the foods on the chart into practice. It has been a very popular book, and I get such lovely feedback.

I'm really pleased to be able to offer my latest chart, a guide to using Essential Oils. I hope you like it as much as I do.

My other charts - Seasonal Fruit & Vegetables, Yoga, Your Yoga, Natural First Aid Remedies, Natural Cleaning Solutions and Woman's Healing Herbs have evolved from the success of my first two products and they are ever-popular as at-a-glance references for contributing to a healthy lifestyle. My You and Your Dog chart, Rainbow Food Activity chart and Children's Colouring Plate chart are also proving especially popular with families.

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