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Seasonal UK Fruit and Vegetable Chart

Seasonal UK Fruit and Vegetable Chart

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Why eat what's in season? We know that it is better to eat local, seasonal UK produce. Better for us and for the planet. We often don't, as we are not really sure what is in season... At least I wasn't, and hence this chart...

A decorative, at a glance, general guide to which popular UK fruit and vegetables are in season. It shows which produce is available all year round, which for some months only and whether from stores or fresh.

Happy Eating :-)

"We have been looking for a colourful, informative wall chart to add to our promotional pack. I must say that your charts are wonderful. Exactly what we think our members would be interested in." - NWC arm of the National Allotment Society

Widdh:  88cm
Height:  18cm
ISBN:  09536222 7 4
EAN:  978-0-9536222-7-6
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