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"So what do you eat?" Vegan Book plus FREE Vegan Nutrition Chart

"So what do you eat?" Vegan Book plus FREE Vegan Nutrition Chart

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This is a very practical vegan cookbook with a handy nutritional guide - a sort of a "how-to-kit" that puts into practice the foods in the nutritional wallchart for those wishing to follow an animal-free diet for whatever reason.

It is fun, colourful, hand-drawn and hand-written in a really approachable and friendly style, with plenty of recipes easy and quick enough for a beginner, a family or even a young person on their own. There are many vegan versions of traditional favourites - pasties, shepherdess pie, chilli non carne, chocolate cake and pancakes.

Where appropriate, suggestions are made to make each recipe as balanced as possible for an overall healthy diet. There is a very easy introduction to all the nutrients - in a short simple format accessible to anyone with little or no nutritional knowledge.

The book has 72 large format full-colour A4 pages on heavy weight gloss paper, a sturdy silver ring-binder binder and a laminated folder cover for practical kitchen use.

SPECIAL OFFER: The book is now in its third edition - updated and revised. Order it now and get a FREE Nutrition chart.

"I use your lovely book more than any other of my cookery books. My friends know that there will be no meat on the menu when they come over but what they do get they very much enjoy, often to their initial surprise and they usually ask me where I got the recipe. Out comes your lovely book and they often then settle into a comfy chair to browse through it. Three of my friends have said they will finish up buying a copy and will both try to eat more veggie and more nutritionally too. They love the recipes, the well laid out contents, the handwritten appearance and the protective covers, as do I." - Chris Croxall


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