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Woman's Healing Herbs Chart

Woman's Healing Herbs Chart

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This is a hand-written and drawn chart full of useful information on which herbs are beneficial for a wide-range of women's conditions. Quite a few are applicable to men too - digestive, migraine, and insomnia herbs for example.

The chart provides a comprehensive at-a-glance reference for possible herbs and the methods of use (e.g. tincture, infusion, cream etc). The plants referred to range from the familiar to the less well-known such as vervain for migraine - this one really works for me!

"Treat the whole person, not just the symptom"... Included in The Woman's Healing Herbs wall chart are the following plants: dandelion, fennel, borage, false unicorn, cramp bark, chaste tree, ginger, vervain, marigold, Chinese angelica, chamomile, black cohosh, sage, lady's mantle, motherwort, wild yam, rasberry leaves and blue cohosh.

"Wanted to get in touch to say how great I think your charts are. The charts are extremely relevant and so easy to have around. Plus they are so pretty to look at. Well done for putting all the information in such a concise and accessible manner." - Maria

Width:  88cm
Height:  18cm
ISBN:  0953622223
EAN:  978 09536222 2 1


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