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Pierre d'Argent Cleaner

Pierre d'Argent Cleaner

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I am really thrilled to introduce this product, available from Liz Cook Charts, I have personally used this as a customer for years and love it so much I decided to add it to my range. It is listed on my Natural Cleaning Solutions Chart as it is so fabulous. A really "magical" product that cleans just about everything! It makes sinks, taps, tiles and ceramics shine and sparkle like new and leaves a smooth sheen finish that allows water and dirt to run off the surface.

The ingredients seem too simple to be effective:
Clay, Soap Flakes, Green Soap, Glycerine, Vegetable Fat, Citrus Scent, Water

It is really cost-effective - a little goes a long way as the paste-form provides a concentrated amount of product (rather than diluting it in water as with 'cheaper' cleaning products). I love it and use it all around my home. You won't be disappointed.

"I am crazy about this stuff (Pierre d'Argent), and bore everyone I talk to about it, offering to polish their silver. I even polished the village doctors' brass plate. They were amazed but thought I was mad, I think. Never mind, I'll keep spreading the word!" - Jane Stevens

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