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Children's Twin pack: Colouring Plate & Rainbow Chart

Children's Twin pack: Colouring Plate & Rainbow Chart

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Children's Twin pack: Colouring Plate & Rainbow Chart 

Colouring Plate: 

This fun colouring-in activity chart for children is a great way to encourage a healthy diet by focussing on the main food groups and how we can meet them in an animal-free diet.

Created in association with the NHS Trust GP Dietician and the Vegan Society it engages younger children as they get to look at the original picture and then copy and colour in their own version. A fun interactive way to learn about healthy eating.

On the back of the poster are guidelines for parents, carers and teachers. Each pack contains a full colour poster and a black and white version for young 'colour-in' enthusiasts. Each sheet is in a generous poster size.

Width:  43cm - Height:  30cm - ISBN:  0 9536222 9 0 - EAN:  978 0 9536222 9 0


Rainbow Chart: 

This activity chart has been designed as a fun way to help children (and adults) to eat the recommended five portions of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables every day.

Each family member gets a set of re-useable animal stickers so they can see their healthy fruit and vegetable food intake, aiming to get one sticker on each of the five rainbow colour food groups every day.

Width:  88cm - Height:  18cm - ISBN:  0 9536222 8 2 - EAN:  978 09536222 83

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