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“I absolutely love your work. Thank you for the light you shine.” Lauralina

“I REALLY love your charts! One of my friends has one in her kitchen and we both just rave over them. I also really appreciate your customer service and personalized responses - thanks so much!!” April

"I was just in my kitchen and looked across at my Charts as I do every day, and thought how much joy they bring me. So I thought I’d share with you, seeing as you’re the one who created that joy."  Rochelle 

“Dear Liz I really love your art, find it very useful and beneficial. Thank you!”  Elif

"The information in all your Charts is really useful, and because they are on constant display I am more likely to refer to them than if they were in a book tucked away. I also love the way they look. I strongly dislike the “glossy image” I see around me so often, and I’m more drawn to things with a more “hand-made” feel. Referring to your Charts feels like receiving advice from a friend rather than instructions from “on high”. Thanks again for the wonderful Charts." Mel 


"So, What do you eat?" Book


"This book is tremendously useful. The recipes are for six people but it does contain the really useful basics like houmous, pesto, gravy, sauces, pancake mix, as well as plenty of ideas for home baking and salads. I particularly like the way she gives basics proportions and then suggests all kinds of variations, allowing you to adjust everything to your taste. It’s full of wholesome tasty ideas from breakfasts to dessert and it’s completely vegan! There’s a great nutrition section with a breakdown of what you need, what it does and where to find it. The fact it’s written and illustrated by hand makes it exceedingly cute too!" A reader from London, UK on Amazon reviews

"My daughter and I made the cut and come again cake this afternoon and it’s gone down a treat! The children love the Chart and my partner keeps reading and quoting bits. I enjoyed reading the book – its lovely layout and ease of use." Sarah 

"I bought your book … I'm a bit of a veggie preacher but in a nice way and my friends know that there will be no meat on the menu when they come over but what they do get they very much enjoy, often to their initial surprise and they usually ask me where I got the recipe. Out comes your lovely book and they often then settle into a comfy chair to browse through it. Three of my friends have said they will finish up buying a copy and will both try to eat more veggie and more nutritionally too. They love the recipes, the well laid out contents, the handwritten appearance and the protective covers, as do I." Christopher

"I bought your book 'So What Do You Eat?' a while ago and everything I have so far made from it has been a great success.  I can honestly say that I have never before had a cookery book where everything I've made is met with such appreciation and enjoyment from my guests - many of whom are not veggie!" Bobby

“Your cookbook is a visual and culinary delight!  Thank you for sharing it with the world” — Sabriba

"From the laminated cover (to protect from spills by clumsy cooks like myself), the hand-drawn illustrations, via the hand-written, delicious recipes, the comprehensive nutritional information and even an ‘All you need” shopping book this is both practical and beautifully presented. Normally only drawn by recipe books full of enticing colour photographs, the book caught my attention via the laminated nutrient wallchart. The Chart belongs on the kitchen wall and the book should be well thumbed." A reader from London, Uk Amazon reviews.


Nutrition Chart

“Ever since I was a kid and all the way through my life we had your nutrition chart up in our home kitchen, I've been veggie/vegan my whole life and now I'm encountering more and more people who are interested but don't fully understand nutrition and think that veganism is out of the question!  So I want to buy a bunch of your charts and give them out as presents to people!!! :D :D :D” Zoe

"I love the styling and think that it is perfect for schools. It’s bright, colourful, cheerful and laid out well which makes it really informative and digestible. You can read it all in one go or glance at it in the kitchen and instantly find what you are looking for! I can’t think of anything that could be improved." Sam

Just received your nutritional Chart, wow it came quick and I love it! So much so that I have just bought your book and first aid Chart. I know they will come in very handy as I am a young vegan about to live on my own, I need all the help I can get. Thank you for taking the time to make these charts, I know they must be helping a lot of people. Kate

“… They are gorgeous!  I love these charts… I think that they will be perfect for our students and hopefully get them thinking about what they are putting in their bodies.” Hannah

"I purchased some of your beautiful nutritional Charts for patients based in the Eating Disorder Unit at the Priory Hospital, Glasgow. The charts were a huge success, with many comments on how seeing the benefits in such a visual way helped make certain foods feel “safer”, particularly oils and avocados. They inspired a renewed interest in food which was really lovely to see." Sharon 

“I'd like to tell you even though it's only been two weeks, your nutritional chart has turned my son's (three years and eight months old) selective eating completely around into trying new nutritious foods. We discuss the chart and let things just be. The other day I caught him trying pumpkin seeds that I had left on his table amongst other nuts and seeds that we had discussed previously. Result! :-). He adores the pictures and tells his friends whether or not they are eating nutritious food and then go on explaining to them how and why the food is nutritious. I'm so proud of him. It's a work in progress but I'm SO overjoyed with the chart!” Mimeda nutrition


Cleaning Chart


"I saw your cleaning Chart at a friend’s house and thought it was informative and so colourful." Louise

"I have bought your nutrition chart and natural cleaning products Chart, they are both displayed in my kitchen and referred to often. I have tried most of the tips on the cleaning Chart." Michael 

"The tip about using white vinegar to remove limescale from the loo – Wow! It’s like having a sparkling new loo. Thank you, your remedies rock!"  Michelle 

"I’ve placed my orders as friends have been wowed by the “natural cleaning solutions” Chart I have up in my kitchen! Clever you!" Kathy





Essential Oils Chart


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the essential oils chart! I have a bit of a cold at the minute and have had Clove and Eucalyptus in my diffuser. Your chart is lovely and inspiring and helps me to remember the amazing benefits of essential oils, they really are- essential!!" Lottie

"Love my essential oil chart  so beautiful and helpful displayed next to my collection of oils." Jessica







You and Your dog Chart


"I feel compelled to write to say how excellent we think your dog chart is! I am a veterinary nurse and have put the Chart up in our nurse’s room at the surgery. It has already created some interest. My husband is a dog behaviourist and thinks the Chart is so user-friendly, the best thing he’s seen! We think they should be on all dog owner’s kitchen walls!" Jules and Charlie 

"Many thanks for the lovely beautiful dog Charts – I’d seen one in our vets – Beech House Clinic and coveted it! They will make fab presents." Kate 

“Just to say thank you so much for your super dog charts. They are very well drawn, most informative and fun. I think your series of charts on varied topics are a great idea. I have kept one and sent the other to my aunt (who at 80 is buying a wire-haired Vizla puppy!!) “… “ I am worried that she will be pulled off her spindly little legs unless she gets a grip on the dog! She has had dogs before but I think we all forget the puppy stage!” 




Mindfulness - Meditation Chart


"The first thing that struck me was just how beautifully finished they are in terms of the quality of the card and the finish, and it is a very clever size too. I think the layout has been beautifully done in terms of having real content but not being too cluttered. The wording fits around the illustrations beautifully and so that keywords and phrases stand out. In terms of design it is so well balanced – the lettering so consistent in size and the way things are placed and balanced throughout. So clever!! Also, it arrived beautifully and compactly packaged. It was a pleasure just to open the box! I loved unfurling the little scroll inside and exploring the content of that too." Gwennie, Mindfulness Teacher    







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