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Liz CookMy background to producing the original nutritional wallchart, the book and subsequently the other charts, was originally in catering.

I went to Surrey University where I gained a BSC in Hotel, Catering and Tourism Management. By the end of the fourth year, in 1983, I was a committed vegetarian and specialising in nutrition and food technology.

I have been vegan and vegetarian (at different times) for 26 years. During that time, and partly as a result of having a son (now a robustly fit, tall and active 23 year-old), I have added an interest in all aspects of healthy living to my passion for nutrition and animal welfare - natural first aid remedies: lavender and tea-tree... the way we can use herbs to help us, rather than always turning to the chemist... avoiding poisonous chemicals as we clean our environments... the incredible power of yoga to keep mind and body well...

I spent 15 years as a school speaker and cookery demonstrator on behalf of many of the leading animal welfare groups in the UK and am currently focussing on the very real need we have to promote a healthy diet - especially in our schools.

Liz Cook Charts

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